Case Studies

Here are a selected sample of consulting work undertaken recently.

Talent Management Case Study

ATS Ltd is an established environmental risk management consultancy. It has a proven record of expertise in flood risk management. It is a growing company and is seeking to establish a larger portfolio of expertise covering other risk areas such as earthquakes, windstorm subsidence and terrorism. It has a highly specialized graduate work force of less than 10 at any given time.

Eko Consulting Ltd was contracted to undertake a talent management audit and advise of required changes to their existing policies.

Process :

1. Preliminary discussion with MD
2. Completion of STAMP+ TMCQ audit tools with MD
3. Half -day workshop with staff to discuss findings and capture their input on future strategic initiatives


1. Report detailing findings and considered consultancy advice
on embedding a refreshed talent management approach with appropriate policy support.


  • Dare to Care - Secure Base Leadership
  • Provider Strategy in The Emerging NHS Landscape


  • Sessional Ceremonies Team. West Sussex County Council - May 2013

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