Eko Consulting has designed a number of courses/coaching packages specifically designed to help individuals or teams in work/life contexts. The courses/packages are hosted on the market leading JigsawBox platform and can be paid for through our Paypal click through buttons. We are able to design individualised packages and as well as constantly refresh our generic offers. To discuss your specific requirements please contact us at

Crafting Organisational Narratives for Leaders

This course is designed to assist you in developing more compelling ways of delivering critical strategic and engagement messages in your organisation. It is predicated on an accepted research based communication model and shows the process by which stories can be most creatively constructed. It will help you in shaping a culture where powerful messages make the difference.

£109.99 PAYPAL

Personal Change Management

3 Module Package aimed to help you begin the process of your desired change.

£89.99 PAYPAL

Managing Conflict at Work

This practical course is designed to help you deal more effectively with conflict situations at work. It provides a simple clear model that you can adopt to improve your confidence and competence in dealing with conflict.

£89.99 PAYPAL

How to Listen Better

This course is a single module course aimed at improving the active listening skills of leaders and managers. Using an adapted model it provides the required behavioural cues to enable fuller and more responsive leadership/managerial listening. The expected outcome from completing this course is having the skill to improve your staffs experience of communication with you.

£89.99 PAYPAL

Improved Time & Email management Package

This package is designed to help you manage your time at work more effectively as well as communicate more effectively by email.

The package consists of two modules-

  • Module 1 - Time management- the core principles and practice of prioritization.
  • Module 2 - Effective email communication- helps you manage the time you spend sending and responding to emails.

£99.99 PAYPAL

Personalized Interview Support Package

This package is designed to help you improve your performance at job interviews. It is particularly useful for those who find job interview situations stressful and whose performance suffers as a consequence.

The package contains 2 modules.

  • The first of which consists in the main of two questionnaires designed to ascertain your job interview performance history and the second using a adapted version of a validated tool to identify specific areas of performance difficulties. Completion of this module results in the generation of a personalised report.
  • The second module is based on learning basic principles of Impression management and helps you better understand the subtle factors that affect interviewers in their evaluation of interview candidates.

£199.99 PAYPAL

Improved Conflict Management & Listening Skills Package

  • A 2-module package based on the Purpose Trail conflict management model and the SIRER active listening model.
  • Designed to help improve conflict management effectiveness for managers/leaders.
£149.99 PAYPAL


  • Dare to Care - Secure Base Leadership
  • Provider Strategy in The Emerging NHS Landscape


  • Sessional Ceremonies Team. West Sussex County Council - May 2013

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