Our Simple Approach.

Every organisation is different, and faces unique challenges. You may have a particularly strained relationship between co-workers which is stifling productivity, be dealing with a difficult grievance dispute or simply need assistance in creating a strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Our range of services takes the strain out of managing your business issues. We’ll help you to identify the root causes behind your personal and business struggles- and give you a plan to mitigate against them. Whatever your issue, you can depend on EKO Consulting to help you to overcome it. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Development & Training

Development & Training

We run 1 on 1 and self-paced distance learning courses aimed at upskilling and developing your workforce. Empower your business leaders with EKO.



Some messages are difficult to communicate to your team or employees. At EKO we skilfully and eloquently craft thought pieces, reports and other content to help you deliver your important messages.



There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. If you need advice relating to running your business, (for example creating strategies or managing HR), get in touch.



We act as mediators within complex discussions and disputes, and guide you to amicable conclusions.



We specialise in working with Health Professionals to help them overcome the barriers to success and realise their potential. Chat with EKO Consulting today.

( If you're not sure which of our services will meet your needs, don't worry. We'll listen carefully and suggest a solution that will work for you. )

About EKO Consulting

We're a boutique Consulting firm with over 20 years of experience. Our knowledge is built upon Board Level expertise in managing mental health, coaching, mediation, and training.

We empower business leaders to unlock the true potential of their teams, through effective communication, nurturing talent, and effectively managing conflicts.

At EKO we believe in providing evidence-based solutions to your problems, which are adapted according to the latest industry knowledge and the progress of your specific project.

Head to our About page to learn all about EKO Consulting, who we are and how we can help you.

The EKO Consulting service

01 Bespoke course of action
02 Invested in you and your employees
03 Trusted solutions that yield proven results
04 Confidentiality between all involved parties
05 Solutions with longevity- no sticking plaster quick fixes
06 Continued, ongoing support as required

Want Immediate Advice?

Do you want immediate, actionable advice that will help you create a more proactive and efficient team?

Head to our bespoke e-guide, “Ekognosis” to start improving your workforce straight away.

Free advice is hard to come by these days, so EKO Consulting are pleased to offer you these valuable tips and tricks- in one, simple guide.

If you have an issue…

We have the solution. Whether you desire an increase in productivity, need help settling a dispute, or just need some trustworthy advice- EKO Consulting are here to help.

Get in touch today to see how EKO Consulting can deliver you results tomorrow.

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