Does your workplace lack change or progress? Are your employees afraid to voice their opinions? Do your leaders struggle to make decisions, or shy away from them? Poor leadership is often the cause. If you’re managing employees, you need to do more than give commands and crack the whip; you need to lead your team. To do this, you need to know how to communicate effectively, as well as nurture and develop the talent within your workforce. You can learn these skills and more with our Applied Leadership Development Programme. Why You’ll Love Our Leadership Development Programme Value for money- courses start at just £250 Courses available for individuals or larger groups Course content can be applied to both work and life scenarios All courses are recognised by The Institute of Leadership and Management Hosted on the JigsawBox platform, allowing anywhere, anytime training to suit you Learners are eligible for Associate Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management Advantages of Better Leadership Here’s how your business will benefit from you completing our Applied Leadership Development Programme. Apply core leadership skills. Your workplace will benefit from your advanced qualities such as self-awareness, foresight, perspective, support and mentoring. Stay aligned to your vision and values. With strong leadership your employees will remain focussed on what’s important to you. Boosted morale. A workforce or team that is made to feel valued and nurtured will lead to greater contentment and loyalty to your business. Through this you can expect to see greater productivity and efficiency. More effective communication. Your workforce will buy into and respect important instruction or information when it is relayed effectively. Your directions will be less ambiguous leading to fewer mistakes being made. Greater trust. With strong leadership, your workforce will feel confident to talk to each other and to you, leading to cohesive relationships which encourage development of work practices and achievement of common goals. Weather the storm. Your employees will trust you to guide them through tough times such as market downturns, a company restructure or social crises such as the COVID pandemic. Case Study Janice was one of the first to complete our Applied Leadership Development Programme in 2020. As the Managing Director at It Socks To Be Lonely, as well as owner of The Glamour Club Events, leading her teams effectively was crucial. Here’s the feedback from Janice after completing the programme: “I really liked the structured approach to the programme, and the diagnostic profiling enabled me to find out which of the modules I needed to do. I got a really good insight into my leadership development needs and got a tailored programme to study. I had the benefit of a facilitator/coach to help me with the more challenging modules. The programme has given me a wealth of new leadership skills which I was able to use straight away.” After completing our Applied Leadership Development Programme, Janice has continued her studies and is now a full member of the Institute of Leadership & Management. Ready to be a better Leader? If you want to grow and progress as a leader, our Applied Leadership Development Programme is for you. Courses can be tailored to meet your individual or business needs, so you can be confident that the skills you learn will be relevant and can be applied straightaway. Enquire today to see how EKO can help train your business leaders through our Leadership Development Programme.

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