About us

Eko Consulting Ltd exists to help find new ways of achieving your desired outcomes

Who we are

Eko Consulting Ltd is a group of committed professionals intent on making a positive and valuable contribution in our areas of endeavor.

  • We are a boutique consulting firm focusing on human capital development through a variety of practices and modalities.
  • We are involved in coaching, mentoring, business advisory, mediation, training and healthcare services.
  • We are run on the basis of a principal consultant with a seasoned accompaniment of associates who have expertise and experience in all the relevant domains.
  • We have been in existence since 2003 and have recently rebranded in anticipation of an exciting next phase of consolidation and growth.

Why we do what we do

Our purpose is to support individuals, teams and organizations in the pursuit of stated goals. We are enthusiastic about the potential to develop human capital in a manner that is ethical and principled.

  • We focus on creating positive collaborations fit for purpose and adaptive to the contextual requirements.
  • We do this because we truly believe that the most important asset any organization has is its people.
  • In essence we do what we do because we like people.

Our Values

Our commitment is to help you achieve the desired difference in performance on an individual, team or organizational level.

  • We put your requirements at the heart of our consulting goals.
  • We act with integrity and transparency at all times.
  • We aim for long term and lasting benefits to you.
  • We are creative and open to new learning in all we do.


  • Dare to Care - Secure Base Leadership
  • Provider Strategy in The Emerging NHS Landscape


  • Sessional Ceremonies Team. West Sussex County Council - May 2013

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