Case Studies

Here are a selected sample of consulting work undertaken recently.

BME Staff Group Leadership Development Case Study.

West Sussex County Council BME Staff Group were looking for support in increasing the leadership capacity and competence of some of their members, predicated on using their diverse backgrounds to the benefit of their organisation. Eko Consulting Ltd was asked to facilitate this process by developing and delivering an interactive workshop in December 2013.


1. Scoping exercise with Staff Group leader to define high level objectives
2. Questionnaires were sent to participants to assess their subjective views of their development needs.
3. Workshop programme designed and sent out to participants.
4. Workshop delivered based on adapted version of Eko Consulting Ltd’s ILM approved ‘Leadership at the First level’ course.
5.Participant feedback analysed and aggregated and shared with participants.

* Workshop consisted of didactic, group work, podcasts, videos and discursive elements. The last part of the workshop was facilitated by Eko Consultants with Life Coaching and Project Management expertise


As a cohort all the participants reported feeling very motivated to develop themselves as leaders in context and a sample of the positive narrative feedback is as follows-

‘Workshop helped me in learning to think about thinks based on the the new ideas and concepts presented.’

‘Workshop allowed me to revisit some areas of my work life and assess what corrective actions I need to take’


  • Dare to Care - Secure Base Leadership
  • Provider Strategy in The Emerging NHS Landscape


  • Sessional Ceremonies Team. West Sussex County Council - May 2013

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