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Govt Recognises Importance Of Helping Workers Reach Career Potential

The country’s employment rate has never been higher; however, the government has recognised it is not just about getting people into jobs but helping them develop so they can reach their full potential and climb the career ladder.

Last week, work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd called for the government to focus on strategies to encourage employees to move to better-paid roles.

The employment rate reached a joint record high of 76.1 per cent between January and March 2019, increasing from 75.6 per cent from the year before; and the UK’s unemployment rate at 3.8 per cent has not been lower since between October and December 1974.

However, Ms Rudd believes there is still room for improvement, and workers need better support to break their wage ceiling and access developmental opportunities.

She noted that just one in six workers who were on low pay in 2006 had managed to increase their wage ten years later, demonstrating just how many people are held back in Britain’s workforce.

“Changing career, perhaps several times, in the midst of working life can be daunting – particularly if you have a family to look after,” Ms Rudd started, adding: “The work we are doing across government, and particularly in my department, is designed to support people through this.”

The changes she has proposed include getting jobcentres to help claimants make good decisions about switching roles so they can take on more responsibility, and talking with local employers to encourage them to introduce flexible working arrangements and support career progression.

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